Firewall won't save my answers

Hi guys,

so I just redownloaded my Comodo firewall and everything is working great - except one little thing, which is really annoying. Everytime I open up Lastfm, a communityprogram I’m using for decades, the Firewall asks me if I want to allow the outgoing connection from Lastfm - and everytime I click on “yes / trusted application / remember my answer”, it’s just not working, it keeps on asking all the time, no matter how often I click on yes until I close the whole program.

It’s German but just making sure you all get what I know. It’s strange because I just reinstalled the Firewall today and before reinstalling it, I never had any problems of this kind, specially not with Lastfm. I also tried to define it as a trusted application… but still, it keeps on asking.

A working solution would be fantastic,


Can you check please if this application is not listed in “my pending files”? If it is, move it to the “My own safe files”.
If this does not work, try to create a rule for this application: in “Network Security Policy” “Application Rules” click on “Add…” and select the application to create a new rule. Use a Custom Policy (Copy from…Predefinited Security Policies…Trusted application) and the apply.

Does it work?