Firewall won't prompt for new events; just blocks everything.

For example, there’s a website ( which prompts the firewall to give Firefox permission. At least on one of my computers it does; on the other computer nothing happens and I’m unable to use the site. This is the case with most new firewall events. On one computer it prompts, on the other computer it doesn’t.

Does anyone know why?

Is there something I can do to fix this?

What does the alert of the firewall say? Look under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events and post a screenshot of it.

It didn’t show up in the events log.

This also happened recently with a few apps I had installed. When the app couldn’t connect to the internet, and the firewall didn’t ask to allow it, I had to manually give it permission.

With this one though, I can’t see any way to do that; Firefox already has permission. Not even sure why it has to ask.

Please open

CIS-Firewall-Advanced-Network Security Policy

Delete the rule there for Firefox

Try again.