Firewall won't let me turn on monitors

For some reason, for which I’ve no idea of the cause, Comodo Firewall has turned off the various monitors and beh analysis and won’t let me turn them on. I have updated to 2.4 but to no avail. I have AVG, but even if I kill all it’s processes, and reload CFP it won’t let me turn on monitors. I’ve tried reinstalling, including cleaning out the reg between but also no luck. It worked so well for so long but now I can’t get it working.

glad im not the only one.
im having exact same problem,was hoping to find a fix here but so far just found your thread lets hope someone can sort this

yay that was easy…for me anyway…
i got up task manager and killed every process beginning with CAV then rebooted and hey presto my firewall is up and running again with all monitors active