firewall won't allow my games to play

When I go to play some of my games, a pop up will come up. I can’t remember exactly what it says but something about a buffer or something. It gives me the options of clicking terminate or skip the application in the future. I hit skip the application in the future and it let me play but now I can’t get them to come on even though I added them to the trusted files. What can I do to fix this so it will allow me to play my games?

If it’s triggering Buffer Overflow warnings, its the Defense+ module of CIS, not the firewall. You can add the game exe to execution control exclusions under Defense+ Settings.

You should still report the buffer overflow to the developer and get them to take a look at it.

Please note that you should contact the developer of the game, not the developer of Comodo. Comodo can’t fix the games coding error.