Firewall with zone control

I am looking for a firewall that actually has a working zone control. Ive tried zonealarm, comodo, sunbelt and a few others i cant remember. None of them have had a working zone control.

What i mean with a working zone control is that, it lets the user create a zone to use with a network device. You are then allowed to add programs etc that are allowed to run in this zone and what they are allowed to do.

The problem with many firewall software is that they have such an option but they dont grant you any access or are limited to only two zones(not allowing you to add any more).

The goal is to be able to add at least two zones, which one will have limited access to the internet, this would be the default one, where you get your ip and basic stuff to stay connected to the internet. The other zone would be the “trusted” zone, this is allowed to do everything, such as running firefox or other internet applications. While the “default” zone is connected to the internet, it wont be able to do anything, but to keep your connection to the isp. Once you connect to the “trusted” zone, you have all access. When this “trusted” zone connection is dropped, everything will basically halt.

Now it may look like this is supported by the most basic firewalls, but nothing of what ive said actually is.

Zonealarm got a few zones. Trusted, internet and blocked. You arent allowed to add a program to only be to run in a certain zone. Very little options in this firewall, even in expert mode, which really shocked me.

Comodo, this one lets the user do changes, but as soon as they are brought to reality the firewall ignores them.

Sunbelt, this one looked good but as the two above, doesnt let the user have any control over the zones.

This is so frustrating.

Hello you got this option in CIS…

you mean somehow put files in categories with what they can and can’t do?

Go to firewall > advanced > Predifined firewall policies… Press ADD and make your own rules save this as “category one” or whatever… Next time you get a popup, chose threat as “Category one” The CIS Firewall will threat all applications set as “Category one” based on your policies…

The same with D+… Go to:
D+ > advanced > Predifined security policies… then press “Add” do your own acsess rights and protection settings… Save the rules with a name ex “category 1”… Next time D+ popup chose “threat application as category 1” CIS will lock down or let them acsess things based on the rules set here…

For changing already set rules:
In firewall: click Firewall > Advanced > Network security policy… select any application and press edit!
For D+:
Press Defence+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy… and select any application then “edit”.

Hope I made an understandable post… :slight_smile: :smiley: Also be careful not to block important files this is “half advanced” stuff.