Firewall Wishlist


i use the comodo firewall 4.0.138377.779
i would like that this version number from the about dialog is selectable and copyable!

i would like that the log-files are deleteable or that the logfile can be cleared
to remove each selected event in the log
or to clear the whole log
in earlyer versions this was possible if i remember correctly

but now i cant find a clear button or a delete button or menu
the only thing i see is refresh, filter and close :frowning:

also i would like to copy the events in the log or at least to copy an IP adress out of it
else i have to note the address on paper and then type it into google or what ever.
if windows update trys to connect i ger maybe four events and i like to proofe them before i allow them
so i have to write all theese IPs on a paper and then type them into a whois machine
this is kind of nasty… i would realy like to select them and just press ctrl+c

when i define zones or firewall rules i can enter IP addresses…
i would like to be able to paste them!
if i paste into the field it looks like 0. . but it should look like or what ever the IP will be
in the same way i wold like to select them and copy them as a whole and not by parts
same counts for network masks

i would like that predefinied firewall policies and the network security policie gets combinied
often i get som alerts which i allow, this will make a new application rule, i ceck this rules under the application tab then i close this window and go to the predefinied rules and i copy the rules from a app, and now i have to go back to the other window and apply the predefinied rule on this app
i mean under network security rules are tabs for application rules, global rules, network zones, port sets
why not also the predefinied rules???
switching between predefinied firewall policies and network securitypolicies makes the usage unnessesarly uncomfortable!
just add a tab into the network security policies and thats it

if i add a zone and switch to application or global rules i cant select the new zone until i close and reopen the window … this is maybe a bug or maybe the apply button is missing in the main window?

i would like some blacklist functionality based on host file
now i use and it is famous!
but maybe you can integrate such a thing also in the firewall
i mean its near the same application family (internet security)
if you integrate such a thing, do such a hostsServer that listens on different IPs … so that i can redirect standart entries to a other place then my custom entries… so i can display them with different styles

and maybe you can also integrate a reverse DNS tool or a whois tool at the side of threat-cast

and please make the export function also for partial rules
in example export-this-applicaion-rule, export-this-zone-definition, export-this-port-set,export-this-bunch-of-global-rules, export-this-predefinied-rule
i would like to export only some rules and import them on a other pc

please give us also the ability to copy rules in the tooltip format
“allow udp/tcp in from in [blah] to in [blah] where source port is in[blah] and destination port is any”
so we can exchange rules better and dont have to type all this over and over again to explain some single application rule
or make this exported total config file a bit more h u m a n l i k e

and maybe you can make the stealth ort wizard option as it is configured
i guess that much people think that it is not working if it keeps allways the same option if the wizard gets restarted

and under application rules we can select some magical file types like all-applications, temp-directory-aplications, system-applications, windows-update-applications, …, …
but where can we define such magical stuff?
i would like to set up such a magical file type for custom\directory\somewhere*.exe,*.dll

and maybe you can add a little toy to make quickly some custom skins
i think i will never use it, i like this “soviet”-red :smiley: … but i think a lot of people would like such a toy :wink:

so thats all in the moment
thank you for this cool firewall and keep it up :wink:

hi again

i would like to add blocklists
not only hosts files

i would like to add such filters automaticaly with a manual update function where i can enter and save the URL’s of such lists and others by my self

they also have a cool converter…

such a functionality should be integrated too

so i can set up a list of update sources like…

and so on…

if there is a new file … maybe checkable by file-date, checksum or different-size it should optionaly warn me
so i can decide if i like to update the filters or not
it should convert many different formats into comodo format
reverse cmpatibility is not a need but would be nice too, so i can export the comodo list to any format :wink:
it should provide a exclusion list!

each updated file should appear as a own blocked zone, so its more comfortable to manage the filter content

comodo firewall should provide a port checker which checks for open ports on UDP, TCP, UDP/TCP, IP, …, …, … In and Out … sigle or multible or all
so it would be easy to check the NAT setings of a router for example

in fact i would like to get all the tools i use in one tool and that should be comodo firewall at the moment
and all theese tools are

blocklists from here
blocklist converter from here

whois from here IP numbers

hosts manager and hosts server from here
hosts validation function from here

port check tool from here Reliable Open Port Check Tool
or here
or like this here

and info like here SG TCP/IP Ports Database
or maybe here

all theese tools should get impoved and combinied into one tool and then be integrated into comodo firewall