Firewall will not auto update and get error 113 on manual

I cannot update the firewall on an xp computer. It says updates are available and they download to about 4 % and stop. If I try to do it manually I get error 113 but my internet connection is good all the time.

I found and tried the nirsoft sm sniff as at reply 4 above but it says failed to start capturing packets from the current network adapter.

Version of firewall is 3.865951.477


Sorry the latest version is 3.13.126709.581 your version is some months out of date, I think 3.9 was realeased in May 2009 you should have had a program update notification then.

You will have to uninstall and install the latest version, you can download it from here;msg355806#msg355806


Is that firewall only, there is a mention of av in that thread. Want firewall only. Still curious to know why the old version will not update. Thanks

I installed the latest one as given. Surprised to see Comodo has a toolbar and change of homepage preselected ?