Firewall will not allow internet access

I do not have internet access whenever the firewall is set to any mode other than disabled. The firewall events log shows the most recent blocked events to be EBCD1.exe and 676.exe

When the firewall is disabled, the web page gets hijacked off of a google search quite often. Virus scans show nothing. Any ideas? Low level computer user here. THanks!

Nobody has an answer why I cant turn my firewall on?

Do you have the full comodo internet security suite installed? or just the firewall?
can you post the logs from the firewall and defense +?
Do you have the windows firewall enabled/windows defender?

I have the full suite, virus, firewall and defense+.

Windows firewall was enabled, i disabled it and still have the same resutl. On Google chrome, it says error and on internet explorer it says no connection to internet.

How do i post the logs? On firewall, it has pretty much two files it blocks: 676.exe and EBDC1.exe

Try running Killswitch, its bundled with CCE. Run the quick repair option under tools. Report back what it finds

I cant find this killswitch. Which screeen is it on. This is for CIS

  1. download CCE with the link i provided previously
  2. extract the contents of the zip file you downloaded
  3. run killswitch from cce folder
  4. go to tools and run quick repair
  5. if anything says changed click the repair button at the bottom

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