Firewall went crazy and started blocking every program

Comodo started blocking everything my internet, my version of pidgin hell it even started blocking my firewall. So anyone care to help me with this issue?

Hi and welcome to the forum! I’m one of the Volunteer Moderators.

Can you please further explain your issue and more information with regards to what system you are running XP or VISTA or Windows 7? Which version of Comodo Firewall you are using and what other security software is running on your machine.


I’m using Vista x64 and it literally won’t let me do anything. it kills my AV program. It kills Firefox when i try to open it. It kills Pidgin when i try to run it. Basically any program i try to run whilst comodo is on it stops from ever running. I even tried reinstalling the program and set it to learning mode that also did nothing.

edit. I’m using the Comodo free firewall with Proactive + Defense or whatever it’s caleld as they say. The other software is Spybot Search&Destory’s TeaTimer to watch my registries for me. Avast for my antivirus program with it’s resident shield. Also i’m on SP1. The verision is the latest one i can download when i chose x64 Vista for the version.

Defense+ will watch your registry for you.