Firewall vs Games (resolved)

For the longest time I have had free version of Comodo firewall all by itself and it had never caused any conflict. However, since this recent update, everytime I tried to play a game in fullscreen, it froze my computer and would not do anything until I rebooted.

At first I thought it was my games, but as soon as I tried turning off the firewall, they all worked perfectly. So I tried installing the whole internet security free packege, and everything seemed to work well after I declared them trusted (the Valve games worked). However, Some of my games continue to freeze up. It’s really frustrating to have to turn off the firewall just to play games and to remember to turn it back on before surfing the web.

I run a Windows Vista Home premium 32-bit PC, 128mb onboard video memory, 3gb of RAM, and 360gb of disk space. The games that froze at first are: Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Portal. After the switch the games that froze are: Team Fortress 2, Starcraft: Broodwar and an SNES9x emulator.

If I could get some help or information as to when a bugfix would come out, that would be great, if some of this information is useless, I am sorry but I wanted to make sure to leave nothing important out. I do feel its dumb to have to turn off a firewall to use some programs or to reboot my computer everytime I forget to turn off the firewall.

  1. Before starting each of the games that are giving you problems, put Defense+ and Firewall into TRAINING MODE.

1a. This can be easily done by right clicking the system tray icon.

  1. Play one of these games, allowing it to connect to external server, if required.

  2. Once you exit the game, change the Defense+ and Firewall configurations backto what they were set to before entering Training Mode.

  3. You should now be able to start that particular game without modifying the CIS config.

  4. Repeat these steps for each game that is being a PITA.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, your instructions are working perfectly. I’m sorry if I was wasting anyones time, but when things like this happen it just floored me as to why. I’d suppose that when the update came out, it probably changed one or two of my settings. Thanks again for being patient with me.

No problems!