Firewall vs Antivirus - Confusion !

XP/Pro SP3

    • Was running AVG AV & Comodo Firewall.
    • Uninstalled AVG AV and installed Comodo Anti Virus.
    • Later noticed Comodo Firewall not in system tray, so I reinstalled it.
    • Now, only Comodo Fire wall shows (No Comodo AV).
    • Windows Security in Control Panel says protected, but with AVG, not Comodo.

Should I not be able to see both the FW and AV Comodo Icons in system tray and am I protected with comodo AV or not ???

Hi ksiemb,
With both Firewall and Antivirus there is still only one icon as they are integrated.
To see what is installed you could look at the top of the Summary screens in Comodos GUI.

Do not do separate downloads or installations for the Firewall and Antivirus as this will cause issues.
If this is done already it would probably be best to uninstall and do a fresh reinstall.

To add or remove Comodos components see the instructions found here.

Before installing Comodo antivirus, I recommend being certain AVG is uninstalled and even consider running the AVG uninstall utility.

Aye Aye Captainsticks, and thank you for the most helpful guidance ! As it turned out, AVG was not successfully uninstalled (First time REVO has failed me). I used your links to uninstall AVG , then ADD the Comodo AV using the ADD components in Comodo. All is now updated, and shown in Windows Security as the AV which is protecting the system.

You are welcome, glad to hear all is working. :slight_smile: