firewall ver.5.5 in windows7 can not use ssh

Hi,I am a chinese user,my comodo firewall blocked ssh service ,even quit the firewall,I still can not use ssh softwares like ‘SecureCRT’.I trusted the software in firewall but the problem still there.Only thing I can do is cancle the firewall driver in my network card. :embarassed:
hope you guys resolve this bug ,thx!

I’m guessing this is a configuration issue, as I use SSH everyday without issue. Perhaps it’s worth creating a thread in the Firewall Help forum with more detail about the problem.

sorry,i don’t think so. i installed VMware workstation in my pc,and in the VMware i installed a CentOS linux.from the host i tried to connect the linux but no responding,quit the firewall is still unconnect but ‘ping’ test is ok…cancel the firewall driver in the network card is the only thing i can do. other guys in the forum have the same problem too,but not resolved yet.

Exiting the firewall is not the same as disabling it.