Firewall v3 Installation Problem [Resolved]

I recently installed CFP Pro v3.015. Runs OK but due to a pop-up at System start-up after logging in to Windows (Windows installer) & the same Pop-up running when browsing the Internet I have had to edit the Registry to remove an entry found at HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Windows. (String value) AppInit_DLLs = C:\Windows\System32\Guard32.dll
Removing said entry value solves the pop-up problem. However when running Zirsoft’s DLLexp.exe no functions are listed. Similar no listing of function calls are apparent with SysInternal’s “Process Explorer” & the application WinDB (Windows Debugging Software).

Researching the following articles from Microsoft of the listing of DLL in this Registry Key are given here.

My question is therefore - what exactly is Guard32.dll supposed to do and WHY having read the Microsoft Article does the Installation software load it here.

Has anyone come acrosss this problem before (Pop-ups). Am I losing any functionality or security of the product by removing the Registry entry as described above?

I have attached an Autoruns file for further process info. Please let me know if any further info is required. The PC is a PackardBell EasyNote w3301 Laptop running XP Home Version 2002, Sp2. Mobile AMD Sempron 3000+ Processor (at 1.58 Ghz) with 1gb ram. 2 Partitions with the swapfile running on the Non-system partition. All Windows Updates to date have been applied.

(:m*) Topic Closed: PM a mod if ye wish to open it only if the issue returns.

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Sorry no one has answered your post before now. It is very involved and beyond my capabilities but I’m sure someone here will be able to help you out.


guard32.dll is a driver from CFP 3 (most likely related to Defense+). It’s legit. I noticed this file since the first final version 3 rolled out with HijackThis. Best to leave the registry key alone.

I got no idea what that pop up is, though. Can you post a screenshot? Seems to be an imperfect installation CFP 3. Remember to shutdown other programs when you install CFP 3 to avoid conflicts.

A full scan of my laptop Spyware Terminator today has listed guard32.dll as unknown software.

I also have firewall pro installed v3 installed recently - but also lots of other software due to a complete re-install (not because of security issues by the way)

I really would like to know what this dll is and specifically if a safe comodo dll or not. ???

Thanks in anticipation.

As I 've posted above: yes! It’s a driver from CFP 3!

I know my system well, especially after a clean OS reinstallation.

Thats a false positive on Spyware Terminators part. One of the reasons I don’t use Spyware Terminator cause I had alot of false positives. I use SuperAntiSpyware and Spybot.

Great, thanks! :Beer

Thanks for your input peoples. Have fixed it with the v3.016 update. The problem with v3.015 seems to stem from a redundant installation entry that doesn’t clean-up on the reboot

Anyway everything seems OK now.

Thanks to all those who posted replies :slight_smile: