Firewall Updates? [Resolved]

When Comodo has updates available are these updates for the anti-virus or are they for the CFW?
I have the updates disabled and I was wondering if any of these updates pertain to just the firewall?
IOW are any of these updates CFW specific? ???

If it matters I’m more than satisfied with CFW 6.2.282872 and not sure about the updates. ???

It only update you’re Comodo FW software only nothing else :wink:

Which updates are you referring to?

If you are referring to program updates, without looking at the complete changelog, it’s impossible to say whether or not a component of the firewall has been updated.

If you are talking about AV updates, then no, these are just virus definitions and don’t apply to the firewall.

Thanks! 8)

Are these program updates or protection updates? ???

Both. Some program updates will improve security.