Firewall Update

why doesn’t comodo gives regular updates for the firewall definitions & rules & some modules to block the latest network attacks & intrusion attempts & hack attempts , Emsisoft Online Armor Firewall gives regular & infact new firewall definitions & rules updates at an interval of 4 hours daily , so hope comodo does resolve this issue too

Whats a firewall definition & what are some network attacks & intrusion attempts that you feel Comodo’s firewall currently isn’t protecting against?

Yaa dear aim4it , Comodo firewall in CIS premium free edition latest version 6.3.x has lot’s of security holes & flaws & leaks in it like it is exposable to direct exploit attacks. It doesn’t detect or block channel exploit attacks & IRC exploit attacks & several other direct exploit attacks.

Also Comodo firewall is vulnerable to attack & installation of several variants of stubborn rootkits & worms & some backdoors. Besides this there are several others leaks in comodo firewall software which needs to be fixed & resolved completely in the upcoming 2014 version v7 of comodo firewall. Hope that the respected developers & programmers of Comodo security software team tests Comodo firewall very very well against all possible exploit attacks & intrusion attempts & security leaks & flaws before releasing it for download.

Lastly firewall definitions & signatures means the regular updates given for intrusion signatures & new firewall based attacks that might affect it’s user’s when working 24/7 hours online be it surfing or downloading or doing any work on the internet.

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Proof please, with examples of these exploits that have actual happen to users.

Alot of these exploits listed are based on social engineering/idiot users clicking Ok, Accept. (IRC exploits really?) I can only conclude his ‘millions of friends’ are an illegal file sharing operation on a pirate IRC network. I’m beginning to consider this a troll posting. No links to any proof of concept sites, equates ‘millions’ with ‘friends’ etc.

+1 :-TU it’s getting annoying now…

We don’t know that. Please don’t point fingers. As we say in Dutch with a soccer metaphor: play the ball not the man.

Mukunda please corroborate your case.

As to the point of intrusion detection definitions. CIS is all about preventing malware to get on board rather than detecting after the fact.

I would prefer if comodo does not change my rules!