Firewall update

AVG antivirus has blocked Comodo Firewall update for the last month. Is the AV element of the update incompatible with my current AVG AV? I’ve never had a problem updating before. I run Windows 7.

It sounds like you are running both the AV from CIS as well as AVG? It’s never a good idea to have more than one AV actively scanning your system. It would be a good idea to disable any real time scanning features in one of your AVs, and use it for on-demand scans only.

I’m also a little unclear on what exactly is being blocked. You say the firewall update is being blocked. Do you mean the program update, or are you talking about AV updates?

Thanks for response HeffeD. It is AVG that is blocking the Comodo update, saying there’s a virus. I signed up for only the Comodo firewall, but the Sept. update includes an AV element and no option to isolate that. That is why I think the two AVs are in conflict.

I run a paid AVG AV, valid for another year and don’t want to change.

Ah, so it’s a false postive on AVG’s end. You will need to report that to AVG.

And yes, there is an option to install only the firewall. You can do it now by going to Start → Programs → Comodo → Comodo Internet Security and selecting Add and Remove Components. Follow the wizard and uninstall the AV if you do not wish to use it.

Or if you wish to leave the AV on your system for on-demand scans, just right click on the Comodo icon in your system tray, scroll up to Antivirus Security Level, and select Disabled. This way the only real-time AV you’ll have on your system is AVG.

whoopee…did all that and it worked. Firewall update now properly installed, thanks to you.

Glad to hear it! :slight_smile: