Firewall update size and time to download CPF V3.0.15.77

I installed CPF last week, V3.0.15.77 and it seems great. Today I got a pop-up message saying that an update was available and gave me the option to ‘Apply’ (as opposed to download) or ‘Remind me later’. I clicked on Apply, and the ‘download’, if that’s what it was, seemed to go on for 20 or 30 minutes or more. There was no indication of what was being downloaded or what size it was or anything to indicate what was happening. Hovering over the icon in the taskbar (bottom-right) gave a percentage which, ever so slowly, crept up to 100%. Finally, I was prompted to reboot my computer - twice.

I’m a bit worried at not knowing what was happening. As there was no indication of file size I don’t know if my connection was very slow, if the download was huge, or something else. Are the updates essential as with antivirus and antispyware and MS updates?

The update was about 20 mb in size. It improved some features and added a new feature called CAVS 3 - which can on-demand scan your pc for viruses. For more info U should look here And welcome to the forums JohnCB (:HUG)

Thank you Commodus, that was reassuring. I guess my connection was a bit on the slow side or else there were loads of people trying to download at the same time. Do you normally get lots of regular updates and of that size?

On the link you gave there were lots of references to Defense, which I don’t actually have installed. I have MS Defender and the free edition of AVG (plus Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D and A-Squared). Would you recommend Defense as well or could there be a conflict?

Since writing the above I found Scan My System under DEFENSE+. CFP is looking better and better. But I am puzzled that it worked despite the fact that I’m fairly sure I did not intall Defense+. Also it only took 8 minites to scan for malware, viruses and spyware.

Thanks, John (:CLP)

U are always welcome (:HUG) A question - do you use those security programs in real time or only on demand ? Cos if you run them in real time there could be conflicts between them, not to mention that your PC gets slower, but I don’t know maybe you have some monster with quad-core and 8 GB RAM, than it might be O.K (:LGH) Anyway - I would recommend to have Defense+ enabled, but be prepared for more popups (:TNG)

About the updates - Comodo is now developing and improving CAVS and lots of stuff too so we expect updates quite frequently :SMLR And sorry for my poor English (:SHY)

Thank you, again, Commodus. Looking at the time of our messages you seem to be 6 hours behind me so I guess you are on the west coast of the US, whereas I’m in Wimbledon, England. Don’t apologise for your (American?) English: it’s excellent. Many Americans and other foreigners have better English than the English - there are more of you.

Anyway, I use AVG Antivirus and Widows Defender in real time, but Ad-Aware, Spybot and A-Squared on demand, so I am assuming there is no conflict.

Since my last message I have also noticed that Defense seems to be installed and switched on. It must have happened as a result of that last big 20Mb download. I’m assuming this because I have several files pending and which I have now submitted to Comodo for analysis.

But, on the Comodo Summary page, under Proactive Defense, The Defense+ security level is set to: inactive. Clicking on inactive it says the security level is set to: ‘clean pc mode’. And, it also says I’ve got 39 applications running and 6 files waiting for review.

At the bottom right on the same page there’s an installation icon which says: ‘Switch to Installation Mode’. clicking on this, the icon and message simply change to: ‘Switch to Previous Mode’.

So, I am a bit confused. Sorry for the longish message but I’m hoping for a bit more reassurance.

Thanks, John

Thanx (:SHY) I’m not from USA (:TNG)

Now to the point. Istallation mode is used when you install or unninstall programs to give them more privileges and to take out the annoying popups. But then again - you must make sure that the program you install is not malicious.

On my configuration both Network Defense and Proactive Defense is set to Train with Safe mode. (:NRD)

With the last wersion of Comodo firewall pending files are no longer listed in the pending files list unless you use Clean PC mode.

And my advice is - if you keep the Defense+ I suggest that you tick the box "Block all unknow requests if application is closed. This is for additional security.

HTH - Hope this helps (:WIN) :SMLR

And it’s a pleasure to chat with U JohnCB :■■■■ (:CLP)

P.S. BTW U can instantly change your configuration → Miscellaneous → Manage my Configuration → Select

Mine is set to Comodo Optimum Security (:KWL)