Firewall update size 120+ mb?

I just updated my COMODO Firewall version 3.8xxx to 3.9xxx and noted the download size during the update was over 120mbs. This is much larger than downloading the entire file for a new install including the virus scanner. Is this a correct size for the update file? If so, why is it so much larger than what downloading a combined firewall virus scanner install program would be? I have limited bandwidth and this large an update is something that can put me over my limit yet I don’t see away to determine how large my update will be.

Thanks for any information on this.


The bases.cav of my install is as big as 86.340 kB. The installer of CIS is 72.3 MB.

The AV updates are the big portion of the installer I think and to a lesser extend the white list.

When updating your AV database there is no way of knowing how big the update is going to be. To know the size of CIS installer just start the download and see. New updates get published first in Feedback/Comments/Announcements/News - CIS.

What a pity the flash screen didn’t give a warning of this massive download.

And now CFP 3.9 has now killed my Comodo Memory Firewall (flash box said error and needed to close it).
Should I uninstall CMF and is it included in CFP 3.9?

And what about BoClean? Is that still needed, or now included in CFP 3.9?

Greatful for any info.



Memory firewall has been integrated in D+ since 3.8. It is called Detect shellcode injections (i.e. buffer overflow protection). It can be found under D+ → Advanced → Image Execution Control settings.

From the FAQ of the release notes and announcement of 3.9:

3 - Is BOClean integrated into CIS now? Do I still need BOClean if I have CIS 3.9? Yes BOClean is integrated in CIS 3.9 and no you do not need BOClean if you have CIS 3.9 installed. However you MUST install COMODO Antivirus and enable realtime scanning. If you install firewall only, you may keep the standalone BOClean. However BOClean support will be stopped by 26th May 2009.

I’ve read a few posts that have commented about the large size of CIS 3.9.XXXX.508. I did a clean install of this new version after uninstalling 3.8 using Comodo’s Uninstall routine. I did not check to see if all files were deleted from the Program Files\Comodo\Comodo Internet Security\ folders. When I checked to see the size of the CIS file system (see below), I report more than 200MB in the CIS folders. I’m not sure if this is bloated because of the prior version and possibly can be trimmed by uninstalling, deleting ALL files within the CIS folder structure, and reinstalling.

The program is running great, no problems. This reply is more of an inquiry rather than a reported problem.

Thanks for your guidance. -SA Jack

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what does it matter how much is in the install folder? hard drives are huge today. As long as it is light in the ram it really has no importance how much is in the install folder. I think a better packer would really also help trim down the install .exe and that should make it much better for people with slower connections.

Thanks for all your replies, I will uninstall Comodo Memory Firewall; I take it uninstalling it from the ‘Add/Remove programs’ will suffice.

I will keep BoClean for the time being as I do not use CIS, just Comodo Firewall.
I take it that it will still work even when it is not actually being supported after 26th May?

One question…
I still get ‘Update available for Comodo Firewall’ pop-up from the tray every time I reboot my machine after updating to 3.9.81003.508. Is that the current build or is there a later one?
Is this perhaps a bug?



The current version is 3.9.xxxxx.509.

Thanks HeffeD, I didn’t expect 3 updates in one day!

All done now.


Yeah, I don’t think anyone did. :o