Firewall Update Problem

Windows XP Sp3, fully updated

I have Bitdefender and Spywareblaster installed

New to Comodo.

Running 3.8.65951.477, popup indicated there was an update available.

Started getting Windows errors during the process:

First one was:

"cfpconfig.exe Application Error, the instruction 0x7c801b00 referenced memory at 0x00df700, the memory could not be “written”

Then there were multiple errors after that

O.K., this attempt at an update froze almost everything, and the only way I could get things working again was to boot into safe mode and restore to an earlier date.

I have repeated this process multiple times (though the next time I set a restore point first, I’m not a complete idiot! :wink: )

Any suggestions as to what might be happening? And how I can update?