Firewall Update Duration

My system WinXPHome, 1GB Ram, Broadband 2MB.

I was alerted 20 Jan that updates tothe firewall were available and immediately tried to so so. The ‘install’ started slowly and cut-off at about 6%. A repeat next day same but cut-off at 38%, next try cut-off at 50% and finally last night I managed the full 100% upodate and all seems OK. I forget exactly but the download appeared to be about 5MB, and took nearly 1 hour - which is unacceptable. Normally I can download files like that in a few minutes. Is there any reason, are your servers too busy? My other web accesses were working quickly as usual. (:SAD)

This is my first ‘post’ since purchasing the Firewall last October and am getting used to its features - I like the Forum system facilities, and the above post editing options. :SMLR

I experienced the same thing, and decided to just download the client manually and save myself the aggravation :slight_smile:

Comodo is adding new servers so they can keep up with the demand for their firewall. I did a fresh install like Triplejolt, because it was faster… :wink: