Firewall update downloads unneeded antivirus component

After recently installing CIS 3.13, firewall only and no antivirus (as I was already a user of another product), it was bugging me that there is an update. There shouldn’t be, since I checked again that I did in fact had the latest version (CIS_Setup_3.13.121240.574_XP_Vista_x32.exe). I allowed it to update anyway and my proxy reported to me (after 20 minutes of waiting):

“GET HTTP/1.1” 200 102659959

And a bunch of other URLs that is clearly antivirus related.

Not only was my trust in COMODO was violated (:‘(), as my antivirus needs were already satisfied and I clearly stated to CIS that I did not want the antivirus component, I have more than one computer with CIS installed and I’m not looking forward to downloading 100+ MB of software that I did not want or need for each machine. :’(

Could something be done about this? Thank you.

Have a happy new year.