Firewall update, possible security breech?


Since my firewall updated itself to v.
At 2 occations, my firewall, suddenly have shut down itself.
And could’nt be enabled again, until after rebooting. And on both occations, My antivirus (Avast) have found a trojan horse.

Also, this update, have started to behave like the first fw versions. I.e total senility, when it comes to wich programs I allow, or wont on the net. It keeps nagging me to madness. And it does’nt care , about what I tell it to do.

The earlier v. 2.4 have worked very well. But this update I dont really like.

Any other here having the same problems?

Hi goranpaa

There have been some reports of CFP shutting down… but, nothing definative/confirmed as far as I recall in regards to a Trojan. What is the Trojan that Avast is detecting?

Update That update was a fair while ago, certainly not recent… so, I do find that a little odd.


It whas a Win32:Agent ITS Trojan. But after reading about this kind of trojan, I’m not sure if it caused the shut down of the fw.

Maybe my updated version is old, because it’s a non English version? I just pressed the update button.
But there where no newer update to download.

I downloaded the Beta instead.

Now, this is a Comodo fw in my taste! No nagging about the various programs. No problems with P2P either.

Works flawlessly in XP 32. AND the first Comodo fw, that allows my Battle Field games to connect to the BF server without any fuzz! Love it! Great interface btw. Cant wait til the final version is out!!!

Not that Comodo Firewall shut down but just the other night I noticed it wouldn’t return to the tray when closed. Not a problem as I prefer to uninstall and reinstall evry 6 months for a clean start and relearning cruve.

Love it for protection