Firewall Turns Off

Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4 is installed on my Windows 2003 Web Edition server. Nothing fancy here. It worked for a long while after installation, but suddenly messages announced that the Network protection and Applicaiton protection was tuned off. The baloon suggests re-installing the software, but that’s something I’m reluctant to do because the server is co-located some distance away and a mistake results in windows remote desktop unable to connect (ouch!). I did re-install once, but the same thing has happened a second time.

Looking at the hint from the icon, it says everything is OK and working. But pulling up the dialog screen it says everything is turned off, and clicking “on” does nothing.

I tried Gibson’s “Shields Up” test and it indicates ports are protected as they should be. I’m using the “Custom” settings.

What do you recommend?