Firewall turn to off when IPv6 enabled


I have a strange behavior when I enable IPv6 filtering on Firewall level (default is off, hope that this will change)
Everything seems to work fine, everything is green but if I open (chrome or other) then the firewall
turns to red and no traffic seems to go through. After 1 min everything is green again.
I saw in the logs that source dest is blocked… but it’s not my source IP, I’m in a private LAN.
I though it was a botnet on my laptop sending packet to China with spoofed source IP… but it’s not the case.
Virus/Malware scan → Green… So I checked with wireshark and everything works fine and correctly when IPv6 is disabled on Comodo FW.
I found this article about the IP … resolving IPv6…
The Curious Case of – Matthijs R. Koot's notebook

Any clue ?



Comodo version

The cmdagent process is crashing and the logs are incorrectly showing the wrong details, a bug that appears to happen on 6818, wait for next release for fix.

Ok, thanks for the feedback. I will wait the next release and check again.

Hello boboland,

We pleased to inform you that new version of CIS has been released.So could you please check with this latest version of CIS v12.2.2.7036.
Have a nice day!

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