firewall traffic animation

Can anyone ( (:NRD) ) please explain why in the system tray icon i am only getting the red arrows ?The green ones have never appeared since install ! Im sue that everthing installed correctly and that it is working 99.9%,would be 100% apart from this irritating problem. I like to see that it is working for both outbound and incoming traffic but as i said only ever red ones are showing? Am running windows vista 32 bit with all systems running ok so i cant figure out why this is happening. If anyone can suggest what the reason may be i would really appreciate it ! Thanks again

Not sure why you’re not getting greens arrows but it’s not likely you’d be posting here without an outgoing connection. Under misc>settings, is “show traffic animation in tray” checked?

Yes the traffic animation tab is ticked so that it should show in the tray,Thanks for your reply ???