firewall tips-Allowed connections now to block them after accept?

hi to Comodo,
last day i install many programs like VPN softwares and more…
after uninstall them i detect very outgoing connections in firefox,svchost,sysem and …
now i want to reconfigure Comodo firewall to reset all allowed outgoing rules for ask them again?
how can i do without uninstall/reinstall?
my pc become unstable many times and when i check comodo firewall i’m watcing 5 to 20 outgoing connection that i’m not use.
thanks for this powerful security pack from Comodo. :-TU

Hello iranshare;

You may change the network policy by going to CIS > Firewall > Network Security Policy >
Here is a list where you should be able to edit/add/remove rules that you have previously submitted

Hope this helps