firewall thinks my os is network intrusion

recently everytime i open my pc comodo firewall find my os as network intrusion and hips also find explorer.exe that is accesing the memory.these are windows services and it shouldnt happen waitting for your help…

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any help?

Please don’t bump within 24 hrs.

What you are witnessing in the D+ logs is CIS self protection at work. It is nothing to worry about.

When the Firewall cannot see what process is generating outgoing traffic it will log it as coming from WOS. Typically it means that a driver of another program is metaphorically speaking blocking view. Did you recently install a program that uses and a driver and interferes with networking?

i dont think so…

Do you have programs installed that interfere with networking like for example Net Limiter or programs with firewall like properties? Can you see what happens when you would temporarily uninstall them?

i dont have such things…