Firewall terminated

I got a Comodo update todsy would that be causing it? I don’t want to uninstall/reinstall unless necessary

Sometimes reinstall is the only way. The good thing is that you can export your rules and then import them back after the new install :slight_smile:

Have you re booted since the update DB,quite a lot of the main files are new or modified.


Is that under manage my configurations. Do I export C Optimum Security or Network Security?Where are the exported rules located?

Latest Antivirus comparatives I have seen (reported on Broadband Reports Security Forum) at certainly say the free ones are doing quite well. I don’t believe that your new PC is any better than my two new PCs or all of the other new and not so new PCs here and elsewhere that happily and successfully use the free products either, BTW. Comodo update today could well have been corrupted by the presence of McAfee. If you are going to continue to use the McAfee suite, you will likely continue to find incompatibilites with other (non McAfee) security software. Not as problematic as the Norton suite, perhaps, but still a problem. There is no incentive for a suite to be compatible with anything else, whereas individual products do try harder. I am a real proponent of “best of breed” security architectures, and find that what works best can be fairly dynamic-something you miss out on with a suite. :slight_smile:

I didn’t pay for them and do not have to pay if they are ruined byu virus :slight_smile:

Just left click on “export” then on “Optimum Security” and you can save it to a place of your choice,normally My Documents.Give it a name like Comodo settings 14/3/08.

Then to import just do the opposite.

Matty :-TU

Come on Dave thats not the point :wink:

I haven’t actually I forgot! It asked did i want to reboot immediately or later i said later but forgot. When my scans are finished i wil reboot

If you are using Vista you probably need to turn off UAC or go to the shortcut to CFP and run it as an administrator to get import and export to work… Known bug not in the current fixes.

Thanks everybody for your help. Now after a reboot and proper update I find i cannot kill comodo firewall in task manager, I get access denied. BoClean is still being killed and I have tried making it immune. Bedtime for me now will get back to this tomorrow. Once again thanks for the help (:CLP) (:CLP) as least the firewall is working :SMLR

You can make the CFP 3 to protect BoClean from termination. I did it with Comodo Memory Firewall :slight_smile:

I got it! Now the firewall and the BO Clean are protected from termination by task manager . Thanks