Firewall terminated

My firewall can be terminated from task manager. I thought it was protected. Defense security in Clean PC mode

Also what exe of BO Clean has to be protected to makes sure it can not be terminated

Thats impossible. There are 2 processes. You cannot kill them both.

I can kill the firewall and boclean from task manager. The icon disappears when moused over after terminating.Are they still active?


No, they are not active. To make them “immunized” against task manager and other apps locate CFP and boclean executables under computer security policy. Then edit ->protection settings->process terminations->active? ->yes->modify->add “windows system apps” group->apply…

With this settings CFP should prevent task manager from terminating them.

Thats the icon. But there are 2 processes. You cannot kill both only only 1. I am not sire what they are both called but one is cfp.exe and the other I am not sure. There are 2 processes. You can kill one which is natural but you can kill both which is in the kernal. Download System Shutdown Simulator and you will see it passes.

The other is cmdagent. It’s the main process. Cfp.exe is the GUI :slight_smile:

In Vista, at least, the default settings protect both cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe from termination. One of the common complaints when the firewall is causing problems is that you can’t kill it. Have you made any changes to the default settings? What OS? What CFP3 version?

I’ve just tried to terminate both processes normally, by using thread injection and by brutal force (process crash)
Both - cmdagent and cfp.exe coudn’t be terminated (B)

I tried SSS It closed my pc to the log in scren and the security apps appeared to close as if shutting down. When i clicked my user name they started up again. Is that a pass?

I started and terminated cmdagent with task manager. Is my firewall working at all? Should cmdagent run at start up?

Yes. Cmdagent and Cfp.exe should run at startup :slight_smile:

Try running the self diagnostics tool in Comodo Firewall :wink:

COMODO Firewall Pro
Version: Vista Home Premium
Self diagnostic says there are some problems but it cannot fix. Should I reinstall? I made some changes under Network Security Policy Global rules for a LAN but that was a month ago

You need to try a reinstall. If D+ is not protecting itself, it probably is not protecting you either. Firewall itself may be working fine, though. ??? Try terminating cfp again after the reinstall and let us know. :slight_smile: I suggest a clean reinstall BTW. 1. Export your current settings. 2. Download the new version, and use it to uninstall the current version. 3. Install the new version. 4. Export the default settings for the new version. 5. Try to terminate cfp and cmdagent with the default settings. 5. If you can’t, and have a lot invested in your settings, go ahead and import them and try again to terminate cfp. Use an “import as” so you don’t overwrite the good default settings. 6. If your saved settings are a problem, probably easiest is to start over using the defaults.

okmone message was that there is incompatibility with mcafee security suite. The mcafee firewall is off. Where is import

There could be some clashes between McAfee and Comodo even if McAfee is off. :slight_smile: I would personally throw McAwfull away and go for Avira or Avast - both are free :smiley:

Even though McAfee firewall is off its still installed. If you want a good av use Dr.Wec or Avira. McAfee isnt all that good.

If you have McAfee installed, it may well be preventing the installation of some of the CFP components. It doesn’t matter whether it is turned off or not, firewalls interfere with each other (except for the Windows firewall). So before you reinstall CFP, uninstall the McAfee first. And don’ t reinstall it if you plan to keep CFP working. Many of the suites interfere with other products and make it difficult to replace components. Antivirus (free) from Avast!, Antivir, AVG, CAVS3 will work well with CFP3 and there are a variety of other free components available to replace any McAfee capabilities you think are useful. I just dumped McAfee as quickly as possible from a new computer-even for free it was a nuisance.

I have been told about AVG etc many times I am not convinced a free AV is good enough for a new PC as i have

Free AV’s rivals and often beats there pricey competitors. For example Avira always gets very high detection percentage in lots of tests. So does Avast ( a little less impresive detection, but it has it’s own pros over Avira)
So free Antivirus is good enough :slight_smile: