Firewall Taskbar Icon

Dear Comodo,

I’m using your firewall on Windows XP SP3. After having started my machine the taskbar shows the (smaller) Updater Icon (with no animation), in stead of the (bigger) animated Main Icon. During updating two identical small Updater Icons are visible in that case. Only hovering with the mouse pointer over the icons shows the difference. After exiting the firewall and starting it over again the taskbar shows the right icon. A Windows or a Comodo issue?



When CIS checks for updates it will show that one size smaller shield for up to 10 s.

Thank you, EricJH, for your answer!

However, I think my remarks weren’t clear enough.
You see, the animated Main Icon doesn’t appear at all!
In stead, a smaller icon (with the appearance of the Updater Icon and without animation) appears at startup at the Taskbar.
And stays there.

When updating two identical small icons are visible, the forementioned one and the real Updater Icon.
After finishing the update the real Updater Icon disappears (as it should).
But the other small updater-like icon remains at the Taskbar
And upon internet traffic this icon shows no animation as it should.
I hope I’m more clear now.
Thanks in advance!


Hi Ger,
Try resetting your notification area icons.
Instructions here.

Thank you, captainsticks!

I followed your suggestion, did the registry edit and started my machine anew.
It looks like things are working as they should!

Thanks again!


You are welcome. :slight_smile:

It looks like things are working as they should!
Let us hope it continues to behave.