Firewall taskbar icon unresposive

I’m not sure why this happens, but very frequently my Comodo Firewall taskbar icon is unresponsive. Clicking it doesnt yield anything, and only after a few minutes does the firewall interface pop out. My CPU usage is low, and I dont have too many programs running.

My suspicions are that it happens only when a new program is initiating and Comodo is preparing to display the firewall alerts to prompt me for a decision. However, even this alert takes a long time to appear, and this is greatly irritating me.

I’m on Windows XP SP2 and the latest firewall version.

What are the other security applications running? What is the RAM of the computer?

Open your taskbar (Ctrl+Alt+Del) - Process Tab

Then open CIS from try icon and see memory alterations of other programs to see if any other program is interfering.

I hope you do not have two real time Antivirus or Antispyware applications monitoring the computer. In that case this type of problems can occur.

The only other security software I have is Avira AntiVir Personal (free edition).

I think this problem only occurs when a new software is initiating. The alert box prompting me for a response should pop up immediately but for some reason it doesn’t, and Comodo become unresponsive. The alert box only comes up 2 or 3 minutes later, and when that happens the taskbar icon is responsive again.

Do you have full CIS (with antivirus) along with Avira?

Have you checked the variations in memory in task bar when new applications are initializing? Like surbe in cmdagent.exe and avira’s exe?

I only have the firewall. I will check for memory/cpu variations the next time this happens. So far it hasnt happened again, which confirms my suspicions that it only happens when an alert box is about to appear.

Anyway, thanks.