Firewall takes significant CPU

I’ve been a user and promoter of the Comodo Firewall for years, but recently started having issues where cfp.exe draws significant cpu (I’ve seen 92%) for minutes at a time. I’ve tried uninstalling, cleaning up any remnants, and reinstalling (currently v5.5) but that doesn’t help. I’m behind a hardware firewall, so I’ve had to shut it down when these problems occur in order to get work done. One application that is frequently, though not always, running when these problems occur is rockmelt which runs separate processes for various feeds. Earlier today, I interrupted a large folder copy operation from a slow machine on my wired home network, and that also seemed to get cfp.exe ypset (90+%utilization for about 10 minutes). Those are the only clues I have. I’m running XP SP3. 2GHz computer with 1.25 GB RAM and hundreds of GB of disk space. I could use some suggestions for tracking down the problem.



The 3 logs are helping tracking down. There should be a notification about a happening. Or more likely, a lot notifications.

Where are those logs and is there any way to access them without bringing up the Firewall? It’s at the point where bringing it up makes the computer so slow it’s not usable.

If you encounter unusual behaviour with a security product, sometimes a reinstall is the solution.

I dont find a file of the logs at the moment. Usually one would just use the tabs in the program. Each part has its own, but you could watch a combinated view also. Click on more, in one of the log windows of any part.

If someone knows the path for logs…