Firewall stops Continuum from loading....


I have this problem with an internet game I am addicted to.

I play a game called Continuum. However when I install Comodo the game refuses to load.
O found this problem after reinstalling fresh XP. I traced it down to Comodo after reinstalling fresh a second time and testing Continuum after each and every upgrade or program install. Without a doubt as soon as I install Comodo and reboot the program refuses to load. I get an hourglass for a split sec and then nothing. Watching in the applications section I don’t even see it appear. I gave full rights to the exe but still the same thing happens.
If I boot into safe mode with networking Continuum works fine.
If I deinstall Comodo Continuum STILL refuses to work. (Could Comodo be leaving something behind?)

Now I believe I am correct that a FW should not prevent a program from running, only from connecting. So I should still get a program screen regardless. But I do not. So I am stumped. I know for a fact that Continuum is refusing to run after Comodo is installed but I haven’t a clue as to why.

I think Comodo is a darn good FW but I am addicted to this game and will have to find a different FW if I can’t resolve this. Anyone have any ideas??

My guess is that the game is checking for a connectonon startup, whether its going to go online or not. Several of the EA games do this.

Do a google for “continuum ports”. This should find the required ports for Continuum and then all we need to do is set up network rules to allow these ports.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Unfortunatly I do not believe it is a port issue. the port is 5400 and I allowed 2 way communication. But even with the FW deinstalled it still will not load.

Since the game will work fine if I boot into safe mode with networking I compared the process and services between safe mode and regular. The only differance that I could see that might cause it is there are a couple of IPsec settings that are different. Unfortunatly I can see the changes but don’t know how to manipulate them :frowning:

Last night I reinstalled XP yet again and am in the process of loading my apps and updates. I haven’t installed Comodo yet and Continuum is still working fine. I’m going to create a finished image right before I install Comodo and then try to figure something out. This makes the 4th time I have reloaded everything and it’s getting old. :slight_smile: With an image at least I can quickly revert to a working pc.

Any and all suggestions would be welcome!