firewall stopping access to my homepage

hi there, can anyone help
since installing comodo firewall and anti virus i am unable to get my homepages up (this is btyahoo) i have tried pinging the address and i only get one reply back but when i put allow all it is fine > ? just says Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
when i turn the firewall to allow all my homepages display
i use IE7
all other web pages i type in work fine just my homepages
i have checked and bt are only having problems with pop3 mail
hope someone can help many thanks

Hi yorkie

Check CFPs Logs (Activity tab) to see what is being blocked. Also, as a test, you can set CFPs Security Level to “Allow All”. Remember to set it back to “Custom” on the system tray. If it works and you can get to your BTYahoo home page, then CFP is the cause of the problem. If it still doesn’t work, then it is probably something else other than CFP. You can post clips of your Log here if you need help.

i set to allow all and my homepage comes up as soon as i set it to custom it fails to show i have attached the log if this can help
but still all other web sites i use work fine just my home page one

many thanks

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We’ll need a bit more detail to get to the bottom of the problem, as the bulk of the log entries relate to Windows networking (these are the entries that mention port 138) and there are several entries relating to Thunderbird that suggest you can receive emails.

Can you let us know the following;

  1. Are you connected to the internet through a router?
  2. If so, what is it’s internal IP address?
  3. Do you have a single computer, or do you have more than one PC connected as a network?
  4. If you have more than one PC, what are the local IP addresses?
  5. If you connect to the internet through a modem do you use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)?
  6. Is the home page you mention on a server somewhere on the internet or is it on a PC inside your network?

If you need any help working these out, just let us know and we’ll step you through it.

It might seem intimidating, but the answers are generally fairly easy to implement. Hang in there.

Ewen :slight_smile:

hi there thanks for your reply

1 yes i am connected via a router adsl+
2 not sure how to find this
3 i have 2 pc connected to my router my other pc is running a diffrent firewall and works fine
4 not sure how to find this
5 no do not use ics
6 my homepage is with my isp so i think on a server but works on my second pc fine

hope this helps
many thanks