firewall still block when it's disabled

I just report a very frustrating bug: the firewall was blocking stuff* even when it was disabled. I had to manually killed the comodo process to makes it work. It’s difficult to trust comodo if it doesn’t do what we ask it to do.

edit: the second time, I could not even kill the process, so the only way I found to solved it is to simply uninstall comodo.

(Last version of comodo, win10 x64)

*(the qbittorent search feature)

You need to create the necessary rules:;msg33706#msg33706

thanks for your reply
since it was not working on “safe mode” I switch to custom rulset, and allowed the app, but the rule was already set (app was already enabled)

And by the way it’s not the issue I talked about: disabling the firewal should disabling it (and allowing all apps doing what they want)

I’m afraid it doesn’t! Several of the components can’t be totally disabled with stopping the running services . . . as you’ve found

The firewall is not blocking anything its either HIPS or containment for the python embedded script that is created when you use search. Go to the unblock application task and look for an entry like C_python.exe_D613048454F4DA17A33060E0CB6CC1A9D62EA0DC.cmd and select unblock. Or alternatively you can disable embedded code detection for python.