Firewall startup issues

Gidday to all, firstly, the Comodo Firewall is great, I love the control it gives and it has taught me how to really get to grips with what goes in and out of the computer.
With the new version, (and forgive an internally blonde person), I have found it increasingly frustrating that I have to manually launch the firewall on start up everytime the computer is booted.
The new version gave some other initial issues that seem to have been sorted with an update (thanks), but this manual launch is getting tedious!
The previous version was always there before broadband dial-up was asked for, now it seems everything is much slower getting going and despite reading other forum posts which have commented on start up issues, particularly with Windows Security Centre saying the Firewall is not running, (which I get), it still seems my PC requires me to actually manually launch Comodo each time.
I have XP SP2 Pro with AnitiVir and SuperAnitispyware which have always been compatible. The issue seems to be with the startup rather than other active programs.
Can anyone suggest how I can re-configure Comodo to be there before the internet connection is asked for?
Again; wicked Firewall, everyone should have one, but can anyone tell me how to fix this? Please remember very, very basic instructions!!
Chrissy X

Further to this post, which unfortunately has had no replies (!), the latest update has helped in speed of start-up and other niggles, but I am still having to manually launch the firewall everytime, the system tray only says the launch pad is running, not the firewall itself, (there is a different icon according to whether each on) and windows security centre says the firewall is not running. As long as I manually start before connecting broadband everything is fine and at a good speed. If I don’t manually launch the firewall every single time (aaaargh tedious), things don’t seem to work well (IE lasts for about five minutes then gives up), and everything slows down to a crawl. Surely someone out there with proper computer knowledge (instead of a blonde Australian trying to get to grips with all of this), can tell me how to set up the computer to recognise how to start up the firewalll without me? Help! Please!
Chrissy X (Crikey! this is hard!)

Hi Chrissy X, and welcome!

I don’t know if this helps but you can read here…,2728.msg20872.html#msg20872

If not, post back. :wink:


OOPS, quick modification, does your other programs Antivirus, etc… have controls to startup\stop applications from auto starting? This may be an issue as well and may be preventing it from starting up.

Don’t feel bad about being blonde, I just missed another key item in your post. :stuck_out_tongue: Another 15 replies, i’ll have you covered. :smiley: I would uninstall CPF and reinstall the new version , as launch pad isn’t part of the new one any more and it seems some update issues have arisen. Give it a try. :wink:


Thank you Paul for your reply,

Have only run with the updates from Comodo, have not done a full clean and re-download, as to be honest there are many posts which talk of how difficult it is to do a full re-install and frankly was a bit overwhelmed at what I might be getting myself into!

From other posts a full re-callibrate is full of ‘run this’ and ‘type that’ which is all very well for you guys used to how all this stuff works, but it with some trepidation that I hit keys that ask for certain things to be absolute - no going back so to speak. (When I initially set the PC up there were a lot of issues which some I managed to sort on my own - yes I deserve a medal - but others my more knowledgable friends told me I should have left well alone)

It was my decision to run with Comodo Firewall (many of my friends now run this program after me going on about how good it is and them checking it out for themselves!) which helped my isolate, control and get rid of several other problems, and so far I have trusted the program to help me, which it has done very, very well. So this manual starting thing is a pain but because I have always thought the firewall itself to be the very best around and there to help me feel more in control.

I feel as if the roles have been reversed somewhat because it is now up to me to launch it.

I will look through the other posts to find the best way to do a clean uninstall-reinstall and hopefull will be brave enough to hit that key when there is no going back! But after the other issues I have had (not with Comodo) you can possibly understand my hesitation in mucking about with stuff I don’t really understand.

Thank you again for your reply, will try now the uninstall/re-install


Chrissy X

PS Thanks for being kind to a blonde, Aussie person, I am really trying to get to grips with all of this stuff, ask me about Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs and I am fine, but this stuff scares the hell out of me. A firewall is so important and my computer is also, I don’t understand a lot of the jargon, it is worse than unsolved hieroglyphs, but my trust is in Comodo! Thanks again!

You are welcome. If you feel unsure about a new install, simply create a restore point before doing so. Then if “anything” goes wrong, you can restore your pc. Also, the setup of CPF is actually very easy, when it runs you choose next> next> eventually it’ll ask what type of setup, choose AUTOconfigure, it’s easy, you don’t touch settings, it still passes all leak tests. The main thing is, DON’T let the computer\programs scare you, just take a bit of time and think it through, “always” backup your info. Don’t think for a minute us boneheads on here haven’t made hundreds of mistakes, if not thousands. Well I can’t speak for others but for me, I have made MANY. :wink: