Firewall standalone vs. CIS

So, I used to have the standalone firewall, now installed CIS and I’m having some problems:

  1. Where the hell is the game mode?

  2. Where the hell is the rule set for installer/updater?

  3. Why don’t I get popups for every program asking me whether I would like to let it through anymore?

  1. Game mode is re-named to Silent mode. Which is available on the home screen and in the CIS tray.

  2. The Installer/Updater HIPS ruelset is not configurable so it is not listed in HIPS rulesets. But a wish has been made to make it available to edit.

  3. Depending on configuration and rating of program, you won’t for example get an alert if program is rated as trusted and HIPS and firewall are set in safe mode. If you are using the default Internet Security configuration then HIPS is disabled and you need to select which mode you want to set it to. You can do this by switching to advanced view or opening up the general settings and open the HIPS settings section to change it from there. If you want to be alerted for every application set HIPS to paranoid mode, for network requests set firewall to custom ruleset.

  1. Installer/updater didn’t used to be in HIPS, which I believe I had turned off; it used to be in the firewall its now gone there.

  2. I should tell the program whether or not a program is trusted, ME and me alone. It shouldn’t be trusted by default, ME should tell the program whether it is trusted. The first time a program tries to access the internet, the firewall should ask me what to do with it. I don’t care if it’s Thunderbird, Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, or Photoshop, I don’t care how trusted you consider it to be and programmed into the firewall it’s trusted, I should get to decide it on the first time it tries to access the internet, whether or not to allow it; I don’t even trust Windows itself; I wish there was a lot more detailed views on what it does, and which I can shut down. Everything I can shut down of it, I have shut down.

And I’m not using paranoid mode; that’s the other end of the extreme; I know that, you get noghing but pop-ups, there’ll be no end in sight to the things then.

Oh, great, suddenly a pop up; of a program that I’ve already manually set to “e-mail client”, and now e-mail client is not available in the pop-up menu; so now I have to go back and manually reset it back to e-mail client. Why are not all the ruleset options in popup menu? You might as well change the pop ups to: now you should go into the program and set what you want to do with this program. WTF, I didn’t have these problems with the stand-alone firewall…