Firewall sometimes doesn't start

ThinkPad R52, Japanese OS, Windows XP
I am connected to a university LAN with its own firewall, but this has not been a problem.

Have had Comodo firewall for several months with zero problems. Recently, it does not seem to start up properly when computer is booted. This happens sometimes, not every time, which really makes for irritating troubleshooting.

It gives a message on lower right about not connecting properly, and the settings are still set to Custom, but the security level is registerd as Poor.

I sometimes have problems connecting to the Internet and to my Outlook email. Sometimes just one, sometimes both. The email problem – whenever I send a mail, I get a server connection error. Not sure if this is related, but it seems to happen whenever Comodo is not working properly. I can’t say for sure if it coincides all the time.

Run the “Define a new network” Wizard in the Tasks menu.

But if the Uni’s LAN is firewalled, you don’t really need the Comodo firewall running as well I would have thought.