Firewall Sometimes Block Web Pages?

??? :BNC


i have just installed firewall comodo pretty good :BNC so far but i sometimes get trouble connecting to web pages is this a firewall issue? I have broadband as well. Sometimes i have to lower the security settings but i dont like doing this what else can i do? ???

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Tell us what version of CFP and we’ll move this thread to a more fitting board.

version is

Hi i also accidentidentally denied a application from using the internet how can i undo this?


To view what applications you blocked, open up Application Monitor and delete the rule(s) on those applications. Then you must restart the application. In severe cases, you may have to restart the computer as well.

As for your main question on why sometimes your webpages are blocked, it’s probably because you denied an alert on a legitimate function/program. The quickest test is to right-click on the CFP system tray icon and Allow All. If the page loads after you reload it (and the browser), then an issue with your CFP rules. If still no go then most likely something else like your internet connection or the website is down/busy.

More info here:
** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First ** → The prince of all pages. I highly recommend you bookmark that one because it might reveal some answers relating to your question, such as this one:

[b]Constantly Same Alerts / Doesn't Remember Rules[/b],6908.0.html


I deleted the rules and now they are working again so thats cool, as far as the allow all go when i select allow all it reloads and i get the web page so it must be the rules you said about what do i do sorry but im all new to this! :BNC

Now: switch it back to Custom ASAP! That was only a test to see if CFP was the culprit. That means you have or had a rule or rules that blocked it.

If you want to continue this you need to follow the instructions here: Important - Please read before posting. Without more info it’s like asking which came first: the chicken or the egg?


i still get problems connecting to firefox and interenet explorer on the application rules both iexplorer and firefox are set to allow but under activity section under logs i get some things denied here is what it says on some of them

Description Inbound policy violation ( access denied ,protocol = IGMP)
Protocol: IGMP incoming
Network control rule ID = 5

another i get is to do with Iexplorer could these be causing the problems of connecting to websites. How do i correct it?

I also have avast but i have the web shield turned off so it shouldnt interfere with it. ???

Need more info please. We still don’t know what your application and network rules look like. A maximized screenshot would help. Have you read the other link I posted above on how to upload your edited log and how to post screenshots?

That log entry you posted about IGMP ( is something about routers. I never had a router, so I’m not the best to help you out on this particular segment.


The link above didnt seem to work but will get you a screen shot can you resend the link.

Sorry. My mistake. Please retry:


i have posted my rules via my pc in attachements

[attachment deleted by admin]

Your network rules don’t have anything that block things other than the default last one, which is fine.

Your application rules also fine, but what’s at the bottom? The screenshot doesn’t show everything. As long as there are no blocking rules, they shouldn’t be the culprits.

If you’re networked with our pc’s or on a LAN, you need to run the wizard to define a trusted network: Security > Tasks > Wizards > Define a Trusted Network. (BTW, I"m going by my memory as I forgot about CFP 2.4 already! Right now I use CFP 3).

Ok, now for the biggest hint: your log. After you export it, edit it with Notepad or a text editor to hide your private IP addresses, and upload them here.


i cant seem to edit in notepad but which is the ip address is it source or desination.

You have to export it as HTML file first. And then you can open it in Notepad. Source & Destination depends on the direction of the traffic:

Incoming traffic - source is the internet and destination is your pc
Outgoing traffic - source is your pc and destination is the internet

That’s a very basic explanation of it.


okay got that but it dosent say address it says source and destination which one is it then i can send it?

You have to figure which one is your IP address. There are many ways. I’ll point you to 2:

  1. In the Summary screen of CFP gui, at the bottom right corner you can click on the arrows to switch between
  2. Start > Run > type cmd > type ipconfig (or ipconfig/all for more details)

Once you find it, you can do an edit > replace function for all instances of your IP address to mask it like x.x.x.x or something like that.


i have attached the log that shows when i open firefox and iexplorer

[attachment deleted by admin]

That text file is incomprehensible. Can you re-upload a good copy? Also, it seems rather small for your entire log…