Firewall [Solved]

I have tried to download Comodo firewall Free version eight times already and each time I get the “Non 7Z archive” message. I have tried 5 times from Comodo websites, and 3 times from other websites and have also downloaded Eagle downloader to try and facilitate a successful download but without success.
Could somebody please advise how to download it without the corrupted files?
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Hi and welcome mike99999,
Is the error appearing during downloading or installing?
If it is during downloading try a different browser or try clearing your browsing data before downloading and saving the file.
Try downloading the installer from the Forum post in the link below.
Comodo Internet Security build is released!


Hi Captainsticks,

Thank you very much for your help and advice, cleared the browsing history and downloaded successfully first time.


Hi mike99999,
You are welcome, it is good to hear the issue is solved. :-TU