Firewall Site Report believed incorrect

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I just installed Comodo. Looks really good.

However in setting up a new machine (with Comodo) and all my bookmarks I was opening sites to
reload favicons after syncing bookmarks.

Comodo Firewall Blocked AirNav ( and said that this site has been reported by users as having problems.

I’m a pilot. I’m also a network and security engineer. I’ve been using that site as long as it has existed. There are no problems with that ( domain. I stay up on many aviation forums and I’ve never heard any complaints about AirNav.

However there are links to many, many other sites which may or may not be so great. Most aviation sites are fine, but there are always those “imitation” sites (those numerous sites with spelling errors that can trap you…).

That’s the only thing that I can think of. If there is anything else, please let me know and I’ll get in touch with AirNav either directly or through one of the aviation forums and let them know there’s a problem.

It is in their interest to have a clean site since somewhere around 99.99999% of US pilots use that site.


Site blocking isn’t actually a function of the firewall. That would be a function of SecureDNS.

I looked up the site on and all the site scanners come up clean. Hopefully the devs will see your post and fix what appears to be a false positive in SecureDNS.


OK, what do you have to do. It is still blocked?

There isn’t a forum dedicated to SecureDNS, but I guess you could report it here:

AV False Positive/Negative Detection Reporting

And hopefully they’ll direct it to the proper development team to check out. Just mention something about SecureDNS false positive in the topic so the AV team will know it isn’t a report for the AV.