Firewall Shutdown

Please advise if Comodo has a facility to shutdown all inbound/outbound traffic when I leave my computer unattended…or for the night. Either manual or auto will do. I know that ZoneAlarm has this feature as a default. Thanks for the help.

Right-click on the CFP system tray icon and there should an option there to adjust the security level to block all. I hope that’s what you’re looking for. The shield should turn red if I’m not mistaken.

Does the block -all function go back to normal when you come back to your computer and reset the slide…meaning that all configs go back to your normal settings???

That is correct. You move the Security Level back to Custom and presto! You’re back to normal. None of your rules change when you put it Block All; it just blocks all connection activity until it’s restored to Custom.

Depending on the specifics of your internet connection, you may have to “repair” or “refresh” your connection (presuming you’re on a high-speed like DSL). This is due to the DNS/DHCP leases expiring due to inactivity or normal time expiration limits. I have to do this at my office, but not at home, for example ~ different ISP.