Firewall showing 0 inbound

Hello. Am noticing Comodo Firewall is showing 0 inbound connections always. I have streaming stock data running, graphic indicator shows both inbound and outbound traffic, but open Comodo and it shows 0. Is this normal or is there a problem? See attached screenshot THANKS!

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I am no expert but my comodo also shows no inbound like yours.

Inbound connections and incoming data are two different things :wink:

Inbound connections is the thing that says “0” in the screenshot, basically Inbound connections are connections initiated on another machine and which is going to you.

Incoming data is the thing you see in the graph, instead of incoming data we can call it download. Basically this is data received from another host but which may or may not have been requested by your own computer.

So if you go to then you basically download that website, which will show up in the graph, but it will not show up in Inbound connections because the data was requested by your own computer and the connection was initiated by you and not

I hope that makes sense, if not then I’ll try to put it on other words. :slight_smile:

OK I understand that inbound connections will only show if they are initiated from another computer. I am trying to think of an example when that would happen.

Was this indicator the same with Comodo 3 Firewall? I’m fairly sure I would have noticed this “0” indication on my old XP computer I ran Comodo V 3 for at least 3 years** I retired that computer a month ago, and installed the latest Comodo on my new Win 7 computer. That is when I noticed the “0” inbound indicator always. Just making sure it’s working. THANKS again! :slight_smile:

**(Actually I just looked at my first post on this forum when I installed Ver 3 on my old XP computer was in 2008, over 5 years ago. Time flies…!)

That is nothing unusual. It just means that no programs are sending data out. Web browses for example have to send your search query in order to get an answer.

I personally have never used CIS 3, I started using CIS at CIS 5.8 Windows 8 beta (around CIS 5.10 normal release) so I can’t answer that question.

Inbound connections are most common on servers because it’s the clients that initiate the connection but inbound connections are also common when using P2P programs.

I think Inbound connections are blocked by default in CIS 6 which is why you see 0 Inbound connections but I’m not sure about that, you could try looking up the global firewall rules to see if inbound connections are blocked.

Its good to differenciate like that.
At least since version 3

It’s always been that way, as its part of the way the TCP/IP protocol works. When you send a request out like you have to get a response back, either an acknowledge (ack) or negative-acknowledge (nack) packet returned.

Incoming connections occur in running server elements, peer-2-peer protocols, games, etc.