Firewall setup quesion

I have a question for you guys hopefully you can answer. On my firewall for my Windows 8.1 I have it set to deny all only allow what I want and my hardening method also includes disabling and enabling certain windows services for example the Windows update service. The method also has some ports and restricted executables. The goal to minimize the attack surface in which a attacker can use my processes and services to Infiltrate The System. I know that comodo firewall is supposed to disable the Windows Firewall when the initialization is complete. Here are my questions.

will the comodo firewall Imports the inbound and outbound rules?

will the services I added to the Windows Firewall still be active or even be imported to comodo?

And what is your guys’s tape on running Windows firewall alongside comodo firewall do you think they will conflict?

Any help would greatly be appreciated thank you advance.