Firewall settings cant be restored in version 5.x


I have a 5.0.16 firewall and i would like to import my old settings. I have tryed to import the exported(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\COMODO) settings but nothing happened. When i checked the rule sets there were almost nothing. I used this( topic to try to import my settings. What should i do to restore my settings? Thx

Not sure you can upgrade from 5.0.16.

You need to do a over the top install, so that the configuration is a option in V6 trying to import into CIS V6 will not work.

If you cannot upgrade from 5.0.16 you could try installing 5.12 then import configuration then upgrade to CIS V6

k, i have to describe this properly. So i did a windows reinstall but kept the original system registry file so i was able to export the comode settings from this. After I installed the new comodo i ran the exported registry file and settings was imported into the registry on new windows, but when i checked the comodo the trusted files what i set on the previous windows werent there.

I dont wanna upgrade my firewall now, i would like to import my old settings. Settings are already in the registry but comodo doesnt use those. Was anything changed? Does the 5.x version no longer store its settings in registry?

Are you saying that this wont work with 5.0.16?

Yes all version store their configurations in the registry.

Sorry Trusted files are not included in the configuration.

You needed the files from the Database folder in CIS program files.

Program Files\COMODO\Comodo Internet Security\Database

This is what i was looking for. THX!