Firewall set to custom "System" doesn't respect the rules, keep asking to go out

Upgraded to I have the firewall set to “Custom Ruleset”

I have created a bunch of rules for various processes. (is not first time I do this, I’ve used this type of setup for many years)

now there is the “System” app/folder or something, the one that doesn’t have a path to a precise app but goes to windows folder

I’ve tried to add various rules, from custom to allowed to blocked. The firewall doesn’t care about the rules, at least not all the time. At least a couple of minutes it shows an alert about system trying to connect and ask me what to do.

It never did this before the update. and this is the only rule is not enforced by the firewall.

it gets even worse as looking to the log panel it shows that the firewall some times do follow the custom rule I put for this app/process.


System is put to Block all and log.

looking at the log panel it show that system is blocked

some time later.

firewall pop up telling me System is trying to connect and what should I do with it.


Specific rule is set to block exactly the ip is trying to connect (i’ve tried with allowing the connection also same behavior)

log panels shows it works sometimes,

then pop up alert with that specific info asking me to allow or block

thank you for your help, this is getting annoying especially if I play some games

Can you be more specific on the type of request for SYSTEM? Is it for TCP, UDP, or ICMP and does such rule in place for those protocols exist? Also by default System is part of the Windows System Applications file group, which already has a default firewall rule to allow all out going requests, make sure it is still there.

Thank You, reading your reply got me thinking, I’ve forgot that the applications rules order is important.

so Windows System Applications overrides System rules.

I’ve had the Windows System Applications with “ask” everything rule on top of System.

I’ve put System on top of Windows System Applications and it appears it fixed the issue

Thank You!