Firewall set to Allow All seemingly for no reason?

Can someone tell we what happened? The symptoms: when I turned on my computer today afternoon the Comodo Firewall warned me it was set to “allow all”. So i changed back to custom, and checked logs. But there were no previous logs, only from the point I tuned computer on. Did someone hacked my computer? But how? Oh, and i have Windows 2003 Server Evaluation version as my OS.
Thank you in advance for your help.

easily done by mistake if you turn the mouse wheel with the comodo firewall screen showing. it changes the level.

Thank you for response.
How exactly? I cannot reproduce it. And what about deleted logs? I have max log size set to 5 MB, is it possible that when it reached this size the whole log got deleted, not just the earliest entries?

It is a know issue in version, and it’s going to be fixed in the new version, which is due to be released on january 18th.


The change of status to Allow All is most frequently accomplished by “super-clicking” especially in the systray area near the firewall icon. Apparently the control change is very sensitive, and easily changed (inadvertantly) in this manner.

It has happened to me in the past, but not since I learned why. :wink: The key is making sure what/where/when/why you’re clicking in that area. More control, less chaos… ;D

I wouldn’t expect you to be able to duplicate it readily; it’s too much dependent on randomness in our clicking habits.

Hope that helps.


PS: Yes, as Bubu74 says, the next version should have the lost logs issue fixed (the current Release Candidate, RC4, has it fixed already).

it does it on mine as soon as the screen is opened (without further clicking the screen, just turn the mouse wheel). otherwise click the security slider level - , to give it the focus (current control) and it should do it. it shouldnt happen often, i.e. only if the wheel is nudged (or as LMacs post above).

Thanks all. This super-clicking theory is quite probable, I sure click a lot :slight_smile: But I didn’t open the main firewall window for quite a time. Also it seems I’m getting paranoid. Today I’ve already scanned for viruses, rootkits and reviewed firewall rules ::slight_smile:

It happened to me only once, but I was certain not from clicking, right after a reboot of a Windows Update patch. I also remember the computer booted extraordinarily faster (as if CPF didn’t load all the drivers or something).