Firewall sensitivity and NetBIOS problems


I have just installed Comodo firewall. I can’t recall what were the original settings I have made. However, after using it for a couple of days, I get lots of alerts, even though the specified applications is already in the list and is allowed network traffic. Thus, I was wondering if I can lower the application monitor rules sensitivity in any way.

My second inquiry refers to a problem with accessing locations on one of the servers of the local area network my computer is a part of. This happens quite randomly. Can I tell the firewall to always allow NetBIOS traffic from a certain IP?

My last question is about the known applications list. Can I see/modify it anywhere?

Thanks in advance.



Could you please tell us which version of Comodo Firewall you are using? Are you using 2.4 or the latest beta?

I’m using

Thanks in advance.