Firewall Security Level Problem


I have been having trouble with Give Away of the Day (GAOTD) activation so a suggestion was to disable the firewall for a few seconds. The way the activation works is, once executed the program attempts to contact the GAOTD server; when this happens, I get a Firewall Alert.

In an attempt to solve the problem, I disabled the firewall, executed the activation program, and still I get the Firewall alert! Shouldn’t this alert stop when I disable the firewall? Does this mean the firewall wasn’t actually disabled?

FYI I am using Win 7, CIS ver. 3.14.130099.587.

Thanks in advance for your help.


R u sure it is a firewall alert? The second one after you disabled firewall could be a ‘defense+’ alert telling you that the program is accessing some important locations in your computer. If so, you can tell defense+ that it is a trusted application (with or without ‘remember’ checked) and it will go.

Hope this helps


No, I disabled it through the taskbar pop-up. And it WAS a Firewall alert!

I don’t know how to show you because everything goes away and I can’t get a clean snap of everything at the same time!


You mean to say when you right click CIS tray icon-Firewall Security Level, disabled is ticked and still you get Firewall Alert???

Can you also try Right Click CIS-Defense+ Security Level-change the level to disabled and then run the activation program and see if you still get the alert.

A quick caution though - disabling firewall is not good and it would be wise to allow the program access to internet which can be done either by clicking allow when alert comes or by creating rule at

CIS-Firewall-Advanced-Network Security Policy


Hello, again:

Yes, I have done both - disable the firewall and Defense + - still I get the Firewall alert - twice.

Thanks again.


Can you show screenshots of the alerts you get?

Hello, Eric:

I submitted this earlier but as it hasn’t appeared, I thought I had best send it again.

I have attached a snap of the alert over the program that generated the alert over your question. The only part I cannot show you (because it disappears) is the status of the firewall/defense+. However, I assure you that CIS was reporting that both the firewall and the defense+ were disabled.

Thanks for your help.


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It is truly odd the Firewall would give an alert when you disabled it. When you disabled the Firewall was the installer of the Paragon active? Does the same thing happen when you first disable the Firewall and then run the Paragon installer?

Try to disable “Block Fragment IP datagrams”. That can be found under Firewall → Advanced → Firewall Behaviour Settings → Advanced. Then try again. Make sure to make the installer, or whatever program, that needs to connect to the activation server a Trusted application.

When it fail post a screenshot of the Firewall logs.They can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events.