Firewall Security Level - Block All Mode Shorcut Key

Has anyone experienced a moment when they felt like they’re being watched… yes you may call this paranoia, or maybe you accidentally clicked on one of those stupidly luring adverts the sit on the side of a web page innocently pulling rediculous smiley faces or whatever and inocently waiting saying “Click Me! Click Me!” and then to find you’ve just had a pop-up that wont go away which says “Download Active-X controller To Play” then you proceed to close the pop-up to find it wont… then to your surprise in the background it downloads a trojan horse or some other hazardous virus and that Firefox or whatever browser your using refuses to close to stop the download and go for the computers reset button, which then restarts in safe mode which in turn drives you bloody bonkers and then you go for the kitchen cutlery set and stab something like your eyes in the hope that you saw nothing and then… Holy Comodo’s Batman! Phew!!..sorry i got a tad bit carried away there.

What I really want to say is… On the odd occasion that something like this happens it would be great to have a shorcut key to activate the “block all mode” of the firewall security level. Something like Ctrl+X for example.

If only this Comodo’s dream would come true for us few then we would probably be just that wee-snippet-of-a-bit more sane.


In the meantime, you can still right click the icon and select “block all” under firewall security level without ever opening CFP3. :slight_smile:

Yes I know but first the action goes like this…

1/ Grab the mouse.
2/ Drag it down to the icon
3/ Right click on the icon
4/ Drag it up the menu
5/ Land the mouse pointer on “Firewall Security Level”
6/ Drag the mouse left
7/ Land the mouse pointer on “Block All Mode”
8/ Left click on “Block All Mode”

…and after all that you hope you’ve shut the firewall down.

8 stages to instigate a shutdown. My word it’s tough but a shortcut would be much easier.

The COMODO’s Dream O0

…also you wouldn’t want to be an ambidextrous dyslexic.

Comodo should provide the people who have downloaded their firewall a big red helmet for extra protection just in case they miss the block all mode.

The COMODO’s dream O0

                                                                                                                                                                  You're 100% right on for the need of an ALL STOP button on the toolbar !
I had Zone Alarm Free for many years with this feature & saved the day many times with the instant  Stop - Go button.
It would greatly please me to have this feature.

 Come on Commodo, how hard can this simple addition be?                    


!ot! :-TU I absolutely agree with notageek!
I too use to use ZoneAlarm in its early days when it too was free and in its basic form. It was a champion tool for those moments of panic running under Windows 98, the not so secure OS in its day - actually I still dont think it’s that secure, especially when I have been using Ubuntu Linux for some time now and no need to worry about firewall setup and virus removal tools and all that stuff that wastes the consumers money on ■■■■, especially when Windows 7 is in the hundreds of dollars to purchase - why put yourself through the torment when Ubuntu OS is free for everyone and virtually no viruses are written for it to ruin your life.
O0Go cheap and easy I say… in fact “free and cheesy” is the better way to put it!

unplug the network cable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey guys, I too am a ZoneAlarm switcheroo. I like the idea of the “Block All Mode” being instantly accessible. It’s not that hard now that you guys told me you can just right click, but in ZoneAlarm, it is right there when you right-click the tray icon. Just make it that much easier for the dummies like us!